LINKS POINT TO POINT: BRDigital, based on the capillarity of its Backbone and Infrastructure, offer Links Point to Point Metro Ethernet technology to communicate with each other units or companies to carry data between the tips as needed customer. The links typically use fiber and optical equipment as a means of transport with guaranteed bandwidth and transparent protocols to enable data traffic of any kind and sharing of hardware resources and software on the network.
LEASE OF BACKBONE: BRDigital loca infrastructure of their metro networks and long distance (Backbone / Backhaul) Provider Data Transmission, Voice Communication and Video Conferencing and Internet access, your form Optical Backbones own and increase its reach or use our infrastructure as last mile to meet their end customers.

BRVOX : BRDigital through their own networks , the Backbone highly available systems themselves , has a differentiated Voice Platform and allowing it to offer services of high quality links to your customers , the costs compatible with values ??less than operators . This service, VoxBR , travels particular data packets ( Voice ) , from certain customer even our closest datacenter , and this , to our equipment city of destination of the call, ending the same using conventional networks via TDM (through our local E1s ) .

SPECIAL PROJECTS : BRDigital offers the corporate market special projects that provide full or partial outsourcing of telecommunications services through solutions that integrate communication companies networks together , the supply of services telephony and Internet , rental of network equipment , telephone or any other necessary operation of services as well as services management . In this area our main customers are business condominiums , industrial , commercial and residential , as well as companies in general that require unique solutions .


The BRDigital offers large agribusiness companies special projects including the establishment of telecommunications networks to carry from major centers to the headquarters of the farms, the digital access services (telephony and broadband internet), as well as communicate the same between itself.
Can be part of the solution to lease network equipment, telephone or any other type required to operate the various services.

Condos Digital

The BRDigital offers digital condominiums (including also the regions outside the area of ??basic pricing), access to the Digital Telephony with all its features and Broadband Internet in the same manner as in urban areas.
Thus BRDigital provides the opportunity for people who live in these communities, disadvantaged technology, can have access to the information world.